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SGSI utilizes the Cellula Robotics 5th generation seafloor drill; the CRD100. The CRD100 is unique in the industry with one touch make and break functions, large H sized casing and drill rod, wireline winch, triple core barrel sample core collection, extremely stiff mast and extensive visual and instrument feedback available to the drill operator.

The system is normally configured to drill up to 65 meters in water depths of up to 3000msw utilizing large H size cores and up to 6 HQ casings. With a wireline recovery technique and a 5th generation drill mast. Seafloor drilling has never been more accurate or quicker.

With its small footprint the CRD100 optimizes deck space, HSE considerations in rod and core handling, and maximizes its ability to navigate tight landing site terrains.

With multiple leg configurations to accommodate a variety of subsea services the CRD100 can manage site slopes of up to 30 degrees and can be configured for core recovery, CPT evaluation or push and piston sampling.

Geotechnical evaluation utilizing CPT is much improved if conducted at the seafloor. By situating the rig at the mudline vessel heave and motion due to water column depth is eliminated providing improved data. With sub-millimeter positional accuracy and zero-float direct drive drill head the CRD100 offers unparalleled accuracy.

With an integrated and custom designed LARS and active heave compensated winch coupled with integrated umbilical Linksyn system to reduce HSE risk the CRD100 is the safest, most capable and most advanced seafloor drill rig anywhere.


bullet 96 x 1.5 m size H tool capacity
bullet Capacity to support up to 65 m of continuous core sampling (with 12 m of casing)
bullet 1 m3 drilling mud concentrate - In stream mud mixing
bullet 1 m3 drilling mud concentrate 100 kN push & pull force
bullet Sampling: Wireline / Push / Piston
bullet CPT: Wireline (10 & 15 cm2)
bullet 85 HP (Hydraulic) HPU
bullet 3000m Water depth
bullet Real time telemetry and control
bullet Autonomous tool handling
bullet Maneuvering thrusters
bullet Leveling legs up to 30° slopes
bullet Optional navigation suite including DVL, sidescan sonar and Inertial Navigation System (INS)
bullet Deployed size: 2.4 m x 3.5 m x 5.5 m
bullet Shipping size: 2.4 m x 2.4 m x 5.5 m (suitable for shipping in a 20’ ISO container)
bullet Weight in air: 13.5 Te (with full tool set)
bullet Weight in water: 10.5 Te


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