Subsea Geo Services Inc. (SGSI) began operations in 2014 to provide subsea drilling and excavator operation services. The company was developed as a joint venture between Cellula Robotics the world leading subsea drill design and build company, and Trinity Offshore Technical Services, a specialty operations company with experience in multiple mineral exploration and subsea drilling campaigns. SGSI also has a strategic partnership with Fukada Salvage and Marine Works.

Cellula Robotics is the world leading expert on seafloor drill design. Cellular Robotics has worked as a design engineering authority, manufacturer and integrator on six separate seafloor drill designs and designed and built the CRD100, operated by SGSI.

For more than 30 years Trinity Offshore has worked as an offshore consultant to large subsea mining exploration companies and has indepth experience in subsea drill technical evaluations and drilling programs.

Fukada Salvage and Marine Works is both a vessel operator and owner of the SGSI utilized CRD100. Founded in 1910, Fukada operates Vessels, ROVs, AUVs and drilling systems as well as a host of crane ships and barges. They have an extensive and proven logistics and subvendor network.



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