An ROV driven excavator and cutting tool!

The CRX100 excavator is a custom deep ocean tool that is designed to be interfaced to a 100+hp ROV. The CRX100 has multiple head attachment and sub tools to allow for backhoe operation, rotary cutting head and cyclone sample separation.

The CRX100 suits a number of applications including:

bullet Geotechnical site preparation
bullet Pipeline route conditioning
bullet Bulk (1000kg) sample recovery
bullet Cutting bit testing and determination of rock specific energy
bullet Material consolidation analysis

Site investigation and site preparation

The CRX100 is fully instrumented to measure the forces at the cutting head or bucket to allow for evaluation of the rock specific energy. This allows for evaluation of the in-situ geotechnical properties of the investigated site. This information is of particular value in mineral exploration and in large site preparation planning.

The CRX100 can also be used as the primary tool for site leveling. Depending on the requirements of the site the inclusion of Dozer blades, tracked operation and jackhammer attachments can be added to prepare the site for construction or asset deployment.


bullet three ram backhoe
bullet 3.3 m dig depth
bullet 4.8 kN arm dig force
bullet 12″ (0.3m) CWS
bullet 11 kN bucket dig force
bullet 350 N-m at 120 RPM (cutter torque)
bullet normal force up to 30 kN
bullet drag force up to 10 kN
bullet slurry pump
bullet ore separator hydro cyclone
bullet 3000 m operating depth
bullet up to 1000kg ore sample
bullet dedicated operator chair & instrumentation
bullet mobile control rack
bullet installation in ROV van or separate container


  click here for detailed specifications in pdf format




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